Current Projects / Work in Progress

We 3d print all our own costumes, many hundreds of hours go into making a full costume or movie prop, along with painstaking research to get the final item as accurate as possible, here's what we are currently working on

About Us


How We Do It

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How We Do It

We have a mini printer farm of 4 Creality CR10's, 2 S5's, an S4 and S3, this gives us ultimate flexibility, we can print a whole chest while printing detail objects on the smaller beds.

For slicing software we use Simplify3D using a profile we have tuned over a year and many thousands of hours printing.



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How We Do It

We're using PLA pro at the moment from 3D print store not the cheapest filament but it certainly gives excellent results. 3D print store are also super quick at delivering


Check Back Soon!

Check Back Soon!

Check Back Soon!

These pages will be updated regularly, check back often! We are planning our biggest ever project soon!! and we mean BIG

The Process

The print is just the start, a raw 3D print isn't good enough for us, so we spend hundreds of hours smoothing, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting and polishing until the model passes our very high standards.

There is no shortcut to get a print perfect, the more time and effort you put in the better the result, we will be uploading some how to guides and videos in the coming weeks, using this tank trooper helemt - why this one? well its a test print so was printed very quickly at a low resolution, so if we can make this look good we can make anything look good ;)


Astromech Driod

 Although we already have Swiss R2 we are currently printing him a friend, this is based on the files by the excellent Mr Baddeley
This one will have a lot more automation then Swiss R2, and we have some special plans for her ;)


Iron Patriot

Do3d's Iron Patriot File, this is the next addition to our Marvel Characters. Its proving to be a difficult print but we'll get there


Tank Trooper

Another costume destined for the 501st :) at the same time we're also printing a couple of shore troopers.

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