History Of KT

In 2004, Albin Johnson and his wife noticed that their daughter Katie was having some trouble: she kept falling down. After a doctor’s visit, they received horrifying news: their daughter had an inoperable brain tumor, and she only had months to live. The 501st Legion (which had been founded by Johnson) rallied to his cause.


 Katie’s fondest wish was to have a droid like R2-D2 watch over her as she slept. So the R2 Builders club rallied to the call and built her a droid in her favorite color and named it after her. R2-KT was born. Upon it’s arrival, Katie threw her arms around it and gave it a hug, and it watched over her during her last days. On August 9th, Katie passed away, to a massive outpouring of grief from the Star Wars community. Through her ordeal, she became a focal point and inspiration for the 501st Legion’s charitable efforts.


Since that time KT has visited children’s hospitals, appeared with Star Wars fans, raised money and awareness for charity, and even appeared in Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She has had action figures made by Hasbro, Hot Wheels by Mattel, and even been in a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. All to raise awareness of pediatric illnesses and to spread the message of hope.   R2-KT can’t be everywhere. Or can she? Fans from around the world contacted Albin to ask if they can create their own version of R2-KT to visit children’s hospitals, troop at conventions, and spread the joy of Star Wars.  These are officially registered KT “AmbassaDroids” and here we have KT9 - SwissKT


Find out more about R2-KT at www.r2kt.com we also have a limited about of patches and stickers available to buy with all proceeds going to Make-A-Wish please email for info